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Hey everyone! My name is Lita, I am 25yo woman from the east coast. I grew up with G3/G1 ,mistletoe ,minty ,starcatcher & seaspray where my at home ponies& at my grandparents I had my tia's G1 set of the lullaby nursery, baby lucky,minty,glory ,butterscotch ,cotton candy etc .Sadly my Tia gave them away to salvation army sigh. I will hopefully get the lullaby nursery again sadly too out of my price range right now. I also in 2013-now started playing the friendship is magic game. Which got me into g4. I recently started to recollect my childhood ponies&my fav g4s.  I do like g2 especially ivy just don't have her yet  :P
I also willing be selling some mint in the box g3's  :)
Such as...
*I have 2 of the first 50 of desert blossom & peachy pie maybe I will part with these.
*toodleloo, daisy dotes and other Easter ponies
*sparkleworks in evening wear
*star catcher with her VHS tape,I think this was a US exclusive
*butterdrop target excl
*silver glow
*&many more

Welcome to the Arena! :happy:

Welcome, welcome!!

Welcome to the forum :hug:

Keep checking your thrift shops, playsets do turn up ;)

Love pkw xxx

Hi and welcome to the Arena!
Have fun :)


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