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Introducing myself and my ponies!

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Hi everyone  :)

I'm in my mid-30s and I live in Ontario, Canada.

Basically my parents are moving and can't store my box of My Little Ponies in their basement anymore (which I had begged them to keep for me through 3 moves, lol), so I had to go through them after 20 years of storage. I thought I would just keep them (because nostalgia) but I did some googling just to see if they were worth anything and found that several of mine are hard to find. I don't intend to collect any more ponies but I want to figure out what to do with the ones I have.

I am still not 100% sure I want to sell them but I thought this forum was a good place to start, since if I do sell them I want them to go to a good home.

Also, I have also posted on the MLP Trading Post, I hope it's not frowned upon to post on both sites, let me know if it is... just trying to meet people and gather all the info I can.

I have the following G1 ponies:

Twice As Fancy Baby ponies
Baby Dancing Butterflies
Baby Sugarberry
Baby Up Up and Away
Baby Milky Way
Baby Sweet Tooth
Baby Love Melody

Baby Sparkle ponies
Baby Starflower
Baby Gusty

Baby Ballerina ponies
Baby Toe Dancer

Merry Go Round ponies
Diamond Dreams

Rainbow Curl ponies
Stripes (mane chopped off)

Tropical ponies
Sea Breeze

So Soft ponies
Magic Star
Cherries Jubilee

Newborn ponies
Baby Tappy

Fancy Mermaid ponies
Baby Sea Shimmer

I also have a G1 Firefly but she is definitely not for sale :) She is my main gal.

P.S. I will post pix when I figure out how to do so, I don't see the option currently...

Welcome :heart:

That is a lovely box of pony goodness :inlove:

It is fine to cross post here and the TP and Facebook. Price checking can be tricky and you will fine the best "average" price by looking and asking in a few different places.

Love pkw xxx

Hi and welcome to the Arena!
Have fun :)

Welcome to the Arena!

Oooh, those TAF babies are pretty sought after! I don't think I can even dream about getting them anytime soon...

Best of luck with your research, I hope you enjoy the forum and will find some useful info!


Welcome to the Arena :lovey:

Have a wonderful time exploring the forum!


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