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Ridi's art thread!

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Thank you for having me!  :silly: I'm a bit fixated on ponies right now. I'd like to get better at drawing them.

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Glory and Moondancer

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My ponysona, "Skitter". She can summon bugs with her pony magic. I tried to stick to the design sensibilities of early G1 unicorns to make her a bit more believable.

I need to focus on Artfight (hi! here I am) a bit as I have several attacks I need to return and the month is almost up, then we'll see if I'll add anything new here!

Loving your art!! You take the G1 style but make it your own  :heart: :heart: I just love how cartoony it is. If it wasn't so late into art fight I'd throw an attack your way but I'm still playing catch up in these last few days too!

That is gorgeous art xxx

Thank you both!  :lovey: I followed you back on artfight, Bekuno. Let's see if I'm able to squeeze in something!

These are lovely, I adore the one with Glory and Moondancer, such fun and playful poses! The body language reminds me of dogs but this isn't the first time I get that kind of vibes, I think sometimes it can work really well with MLP.

Skitter has beautiful colours!


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