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Hello there! I'm Kaitlyn, but you can call me Rook or Rookie, if you want. I started seriously collecting when i was seven, with g4, though now I mainly collect gens 1 and 3, though i'd like 2, i just never find any. my favorite pony is masquerade, and the one i'd like to find the most right now is Cranberry Muffins! overall, glad to be here!  :biggrin:

Hello and welcome to the Arena!
Have fun and enjoy yourself here  :)

Hello and welcome to the Arena!

Masquerade and Cranberry Muffins are both awesome ponies. Best of luck with your pony hunt, and have fun on the forum! :good:

Welcome Rookie :)

Love pkw xxx

Welcome to the Arena :cheer:

Hope you have a wonderful time on the forum :)


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