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Price check on some Nirvana's that have come into my collection


I have just received a box where I bought a whole collection and it had a couple of v pleasant surprises inside! I had a look to see if I could find some recent PCs on these, and could only find a recent sale of a Snuzzledrop. I'm not sure if I'll be selling (apart from Snuzzledrop, who's now a double), so it's more curiosity than anything!

Macau Snuzzledrop
Macau Peachy
Italian Bubbles
Italian grey (Blossom colours?) variant of of Butterscotch
French Bowtie with white hair and pink bows
French Cotton candy (white hair)
Spain Cherries Jubilee (with 'Spain' stamped on hoof, so not NC).

Of all of them, i'm most curious about Spanish Cherries Jubilee. I had a little google and I couldn't find out much about her. She's got beautiful pale pink hair and is the best condition of everyone in the box. I'm so in love  :lovey:

Oooh nice! Nirvana surprises are the best :)

Spain Cherries is so pretty :inlove:

The nirvana gallery shows quite a few different variations of Spain/NC Cherries :) She got a couple of releases with different sets, so there is more than one "version" of her.


Macau Snuzzledrop $50-60
Macau Peachy (there are a few versions) regular colours = $15-30
Italian Bubbles $20-30
Italian grey (Blossom colours?) variant of of Butterscotch = I can't seem to find a recent price for her :(
French Bowtie with white hair and pink bows (her hair is fading pink, it is not truly white, is her body dark or light?) darker body = $80-120
French Cotton candy (white hair) as with Bowtie her hair would have faded from pale pink= $40-60
Spain Cherries Jubilee (with 'Spain' stamped on hoof, so not NC). $25-30, Spain marked ponies are harder to find and tend to sell a little higher.

I hope this is helpful, my prices are based on ended eBay auctions and a little bit of knowledge I have built up over time :) Prices do vary and someone else may well come in with completely different prices. I have found prices can vary wildly according to FB and Instagram, which makes PCing very hard these days.

Love pkw xxx

You are such a fountain of knowledge PKW! Thank so much!

I don’t have anything to compare bow tie to, but I suspect light body. In any case she has some bad damage that I’ll need to repair, and she’s staying in my collection, but I was curious anyway!

If I may sneak in another, I just bought an Italian ‘Buttermint’ minty with the yellow body and white hair for €50, and I’m wondering if I paid about the right price. I couldn’t find anything to compare it to, and in the end I was happy enough with the price to buy her (she’s so pretty!).

You are welcome :heart:

Darker France Bowtie:


Lighter France Bowtie (more like Sunlight's body colour):


Buttermint, what a great name! You got her for a great price IMHO :bigups:

Love pkw xxx

Ah, she's the darker body bow tie.

Good news about ButterMint. I think it's a price both me and the seller were happy with in the end, so I don't think anyone feels ripped off :-)


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