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Forget-Me-Not, Ribbs and Island Rainbows


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Forget-Me-Not is a childhood want. Her wings came out such a pretty and delicate blue. I accidentally snipped a bit of her forelock though. Didn't realize that her head was so close to the top of the package.  :huh:


Baby Ribbs is a childhood want. He's so unusual. I love his awesome colors,  and I love dragons. His name doesn't make any sense to me though. You'd think Hasbro would have called him something like Draco, or Lance-a-lot.


I've always liked Island Rainbows.  She's just a very cute pony. Her name also reminds me of this song I was taught in kindergarten called Hawaiian Rainbows. Great summertime pony.


Nice haul! Love your pictures.

Forget-Me-Not is one of my favorite ponies, she's so pretty! Love the wings you gave her also.

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Thank you ridi, I'm glad you like the pictures and wings.


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