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Everyone is doing such cute art here so I hope this thread will live on! :heart:

I was doodeling on black paper with my colored pencils this evening so I decided to do a rainbow-maned pony  :rainbow: 
Impossible to scan so I tried to take some photos instead but the quality is so-so :freak:

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Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

:glitter:Next: I want to see a unicorn preforming magic! :glitter:

I want to claim unicorn performing magic!

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Next let's see a Happy Tails pony!  I like giving less popular sets some love.

OMG, Gator! That´s amazing! :heart:

Ooh that's wonderful!

And love the Happy Tails set, great choice for the next prompt!

Heart Of Midnight:
 :enthralled: Wow! There are amazingly stunning drawings here!  :heart: These are nice to watch again and again.  ^.^


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