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Heart Of Midnight:

--- Quote from: Ponybookworm on November 09, 2021, 03:48:00 PM ---Oh yeah, the next person has to draw a Pony doing their favourite hobby (even if that's collecting Ponies)

--- End quote ---

Can I draw this next?  :) I’m trying something I’ve never done before.

Post Merge: November 14, 2021, 12:05:21 AM

I finished my drawing and this was the very first time I was doing any art on a computer.  :redface: :yikes:
I know it’s horrible, but I wanted to try.  :rofl:

Tap Dancer and her hobby:

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Next, I would like to see Barnacle in a ferocious or gloomy mood.. :devious:

Heart of Midnight, that's not horrible at all!!! I love seeing Tap Dancer tap dancing. She looks so dynamic there!!! I particularly love her top hat & cane (have to make a cane for mine; I already made her a cardboard top hat - oh I'll need to make a couple more top hats too)

Its not horrible!  I love seeing ponies used who don't get featured often!  Love Tap Dancer!

Heart Of Midnight:
 :happy: Ponybookworm & Gator, nice to hear that you both like it and thanks for the comments! :heart:
I also love Tap Dancer and its colors (found in my collection.) I also like to draw ponies that are not often seen in the drawings of others.  :)

It looks wonderful! Might I take barnacle in a gloomy or ferocious mood?


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