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I meant to come back to this thread sooner xD It's great to see everybody's art, looking great!

I claim the g3 prompt! working on it now but not sure if I'll be finished today. ended up trying out brush settings, so this might take longer than the flat colour quickie I started XD

Finished! XD

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I would like to see baby pony/ies playing with toys! (bonus point for duckie pull toy ^^ )

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Did this quickly, so I know it's not perfect. But Baby Bouncy & Baby Quackers are here, playing with toys (had to be Baby Quackers for the duckie toy lol)

Next person has to draw a long-haired Pony, & I MEAN LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG-haired.

I'll take this one! I could do with some practice drawing hair.

Aw, cute, Ponybookwork! Baby Quackers is 100% the best choice for the pull toy xD

@Shaiyeh, wow, how gorgeous! Stunning colors!

@Ponybookworm, aww they're so cute! Love their little teeth and the framed picture in the background heheh.


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