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What musical instruments do you play?

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What musical instruments do you play?
Do you enjoy it/them or are they a chore?

During lock-down at the end of 2020 I dug out my old electric guitar & decided once and for all to learn to play it properly (i.e. get down with the theory, scales, modes, triads, all that crazy shizzle).

Fast-forward to mid 2021 and I have been diligently practising daily, using Y-T videos as a teaching aid. Being serious about my passion, I got a new Squier stratocaster in January, then a new, proper Fender telecaster in May; they are such beautiful instruments!!

I am still rubbish! Hahaha!  :P But enjoying the ride immensely. I am a secret rock-star diva, when the door is closed and I jam (quietly) in my room...  :lol: :lol: I should be reasonable in a year or so...

I played piano & violin when I was little but never delved so deeply into chord theory as I do now for guitar... I find it really interesting and love to see repeat patterns etc. learning about the circle-of-fifths, how composers construct songs, fascinating!

It has also kept me sane when I could not go out (due to lock downs). Plus there is that feeling of satisfaction when you learn a simple song and play it to yourself - ah such a great feeling!!

Over to you!!

When I was little I played the drums. I had my own kiddie drum kit :lol: I wanted to get a real kit as a teen but my mom wouldn't let me.

I played clarinet in school. I didn't like it. Again, my mom wouldn't let me play what I wanted which was the cello.

As a teen I got into electric guitar. I never learned the fundamentals like you, I just learned by ear. I tried to relearn the correct way, but some things happened and I lost interest. I still have my guitar and amp but they're in a closet.

What I can play, and enjoy, is the keyboard. I suppose I could play piano as well, but I don't have access to one. I mostly play video game music. I still play by ear :)

And the instrument I've always wanted to learn is the accordion :P It's basically a squeezable keyboard so I think I'd be good at it. It's such a silly thing and so unexpected, I love the idea ^.^

I had a harmonica as a kid.

I've played quite a few instruments throughout the years. The oboe and the bassoon are my main instruments, though. =) I'm so proud to play instruments from both major double reed families.  :frolic:

Throughout school I played the clarinet and (badly) the violin. I still have both instruments, but rarely play either now.

My sister plays percussion. She got to grade 8 and was part of a youth group that toured in Australia when she was 15... so I guess she's more of an instrumentalist than me. I just played with school and college orchestras.

I like to sing though. I guess that's my only real instrument these days :)


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