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Buyer in Canada hasn't received item


I'm dealing with the one problem I was afraid of when I opted to let a Canadian buyer on ebay bid on one of my auctions. It was mailed May 8th priority mail and tonight I get a message from ebay that they have opened a not received request without contacting me first  :mad: I have already provided the tracking details on the request. The receipt says item is insured up to $200 so I will go to PO Monday and ask about it. This is exactly why I will no longer ship outside US which sucks since I would sell for more, but if I got to deal with crap like this it's not worth it. Sorry to rant, but my ebay selling days may be over after this! I have bought from Russia and waited 2 months for the item to arrive. Wish people would have more patience!

Mail SUCKS at the moment. It's taking twice as long as it should.

what depot is the parcel stuck in?  Priority comes with tracking right? 

Good news! Case was closed by buyer. The tracking showed it was delivered on May 25th so I sent screen shot to buyer as well as tracking and they said they would ask at PO. I'm guessing their PO didn't alert them it was attempted delivery like mine does if I miss a package. I don't know how deliveries work up there. I'm just glad I don't have to worry about ebay taking the money from my bank account if found in buyers favor. I just wish they had messaged me first and this could have been avoided.

It would definitely have been better to contact you, although it may be they didn't know how, Ebay is a bit funny with that now as it kind of suggests when you file a case that you're contacting the seller...

But it's not really about international shipping as a whole - it's the current situation that's probably slowing down mail.


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