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UPDATE AND REVEAL: ! Help! I bought a three legged pony!

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Thanks everyone   :biggrin:

--- Quote from: Heelys on August 16, 2021, 06:50:59 PM ---She’s beautiful! And I agree, it looks smooth, but also like a prosthetic. We love body diversity baby Sundance (and the pose works so well for Sundance too)

--- End quote ---

I love this! Body diversity baby Sundance has already been adopted by my daughter who thinks she's lovely  ^.^

I'm so glad you decided to keep and repair her! She looks amazing! :lovey:

Well done :heart: She looks so much better now :)

Love pkw xxx

I'm glad you were able to help her.  She's adorable! 

("body diversity baby Sundance" made me chuckle)


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