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New He-Man Trailer

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Leave a Whisper:

Looks heaps better then what She-Ra got. If its as good as it looks, can Kevin Smith do She-Ra and Thundercats next?


--- Quote from: Leave a Whisper on June 10, 2021, 07:35:32 PM ---https://youtu.be/81wyj65SJIo

Looks heaps better then what She-Ra got. If its as good as it looks, can Kevin Smith do She-Ra and Thundercats next?

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AGREED! She-Ra needs that kind of treatment for a new version, not what they gave us.
I always find it amazing that Hasbro & Mattel (granted this is toy vs. film/animation studio ideas here) can always manage to find ways to give some sort of great toy line or animation reboot to the "boy franchise" line but not to the girls. My husband is a major Transformers collector, so there is always this new product or this new animation and many of them have been pretty good (animation series) and the last couple years of toy lines have been "pretty awesome" (to use his own wording here) at representing or reinventing the products from the 80's in a favorable way.

However, when it comes to two very popular "girl franchise" lines, they fell flat.
Jem and the Holograms - I mean do we even want to talk about the film? A new line of retro recreated dolls or an upgraded (with articulation dolls) in a more affordable line would be pretty cool.

She-Ra - Same argument I stated above for Jem.  A new line of retro recreated action figures and/or dolls or an upgraded (with articulation action figures/dolls) in an affordable line.

This COULD be done if they chose to do it. They could easily sell them directly to the customers by the Hasbro Pulse website. Loads of the Transformers merchandise is sold this way and are Hasbro Pulse exclusives. Mattel could also sell them directly through their own website.

If there is not a HEYEAYEAYEAYEA reference I'm going to scream.
This looks very exciting, I can only imagine how people who grew up with He-Man are feeling!

I've watched the trailer 5x over again. It looks good. That's a pretty epic teaser. I hope the story is good and true to the feel of the original. It took me a couple watches to realize He-Man looks a little off to me because of the blue eyes. I'm glad they didn't shy away from keeping him ridiculously buff  :lol:
I probably won't be able to watch it anytime soon after the release because Netflix but I'm still interested in how it will go over with fans.

I think the animation looks really good, so I’m curious to see how it turns out.

I’ll be on the other train here and say I did enjoy She-Ra. It was nice to finally get some more representation that was positive or the LGBT+ community. The animation could have been better, but I was fine with it since I felt the story line was good.


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