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Minnesota MLP Jubilee - September 4, 2021!

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Hi everyone! As promised in the FB group post, here is the official Arena post for this year's Jubilee/meet! :D

Host Pony: Flutterbye!
Theme: Together Again!
Date: Saturday, September 4, 2021!
Time: 11am-5pm
Where: Mysterious location, near Hugedale* (aka, MoA)
        Special note: Facemasks are required for indoor areas—children who cannot be vaccinated yet will be present!
Admission: FREE! (Unless you wish to pay tribute to our hostess ;) )

-Buying/selling ponies, accessories, and related items
-Coloring contest
-Bag toss game
-Dice game
-Group photo
-Rehairing demo
-Food (potluck or ordering in are current options)

We'll have more info as it develops, and input here is always appreciated!  :enthralled:

Going! :frolic:
Strawberry Swirl

Can't go.  :cloud:
Blackfrost + Peggy

Maybe?  :what:
Jocelyn +1

*Its a continuation of a theme for the area. Malls include Rosedale, Lilydale, Ridgedale, Southdale—therefore, the Mall of America is Hugedale. :silly:

Strawberry Swirl:
Commenting so i have this "bookmarked"

Really excited to hear we're getting back together!

Nice! I haven't been here in a while! Thank you for starting the thread, Kazzy!

If anyone has problems with the admission price, please message me. We are trying to decide where to have the meet, and if cost is a factor for people, we need to know about it. I won't share anyone's names, I just need to do the research. Right now it is set at $20 just to have a starting point, and I don't think it will be more than that.

Share your input! Let us know where you are, how far you would need to travel to get to the big city, and how much space you might want for display!

Just throwing this out there, I absolutely cannot go on the last weekend of August. This will only really matter if it is at my house, of course! Don't plan around me, just felt like sharing.

I'm in Sioux City Iowa and want to put myself down as a maybe leaning heavily towards a yes. ^_^ It's been a few years but it'd be really great to see everyone again! The rehairing part has me super excited and I'd love to help out with our shimmerlocks.com products if you all think it would be useful ^_^  My vote goes for Owatonna just cause it's a bit closer, but I understand if it needs to be somewhere else to accommodate the larger majority. I'll be keeping an eye on this thread for sure!  $20 is not an issue for me especially if our host has to pay for a venue.

Count me and mom in


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