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Summer Boy- Commission

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Hi, this is a commission for Maycrestmom,
he is a boy to go with her kimono pony commission Summer which I also made her a long while ago.
I would firstly like to thank maycrestmom for being so very patient with me in making this pony for her.
Summer Boy is a forest pony commission, he has been re-rooted in white mohair that has its tips painted in metallic, he has rose vines across his body and dry brushed metallic legs with tiny additional mushrooms.
his butterflies are transfers that have been glossed with varnish for protection.
I hope you all like him.
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He's so pretty! Love those mushrooms!  :biggrin:

Heart Of Midnight:
Ooh, how beautiful he is!  :enthralled:

There is something dreamlike, magical, and, of course, summery atmosphere. Full of wonderful little details!  :inlove:
I really like his hair a lot. Wonderfully soft looking, like a cloud.  :heart:
The luster of the metal goes well with the pastel colors of the pony.

such detail as always :) 

What a beautiful Boy & what intricate sculpting!!!


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