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Author Topic: SunPony's ponies for sale - mostly G1s, some G2s, G3s, G4s.  (Read 1493 times)

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Welcome to my sales thread!

I have photos available for each pony and accessory; please reach out if you would like to see any, or if you have any questions.  I’ve tried to describe any flaws on them.  Shipping is via USPS and will include tracking.

Free to good home:
All G5 accessories from Rainbow Reveal Sunny Starscout and Crystal Adventure Zipp.  Do you have kids who would appreciate some extra barrettes and stickers and stuff?  I will ship these free within the USA in a bubble mailer, I just want them somewhere they will be appreciated.

Free to good home, you pay shipping:
Breyer traditional size Secretariat model with accessories.  This is a childhood toy of mine that comes with accessories I made myself: two blankets, two saddles, and some other stuff.  Body has some scuffs but not alot...good for play purposes - do you have a kid who would like this?  Shown wearing one of the blankets.
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$15 ponies:
Summerwing Buzzer – Great condition with beautiful curly hair and perfect wings.  Has a few tiny dark spots on non-display side.

$13 ponies:
Basic Fun TE Sweet Stuff - MIB, sealed

Basic Fun TE Sky Rocket - MIB, sealed

$10 ponies:
Applejack – Excellent condition.  Name written under hoof and tiny scuff in one eye.  Head loose. 

Parasol 2 (lighter) – Excellent condition with nice symbols.  Tiny dot on shoulder.

February Violet – Body nicely white, very good paint.  Two faint purple stains on non-display side.  Hair a bit rough but has nice curl.  Original tail washer with no rust.  Name written under hoof.

Bubbles – Excellent condition, has a small dot under chin and an initial under hoof. Sold

Seashell –  Looks great except for a small hazy mark across her blaze – this may be removable, I’m afraid to try, ha ha.  Has some discoloration under her hocks but this is not visible on display.  Head loose.

Princess Tiffany – Body nicely white.  Flaws in eye and blush paint.  Symbols good, hair good with some crinkling of tinsel.

Pony Bride – Excellent condition.  Tinsel a bit crinkly.

Baby Lucky – Head/body mismatch, otherwise great.  Comes with bowtie which is intact but elastic has lost its stretch.

Basic Fun Sparkler – MIB, box sealed but has a small dent at the top.  She is a version with no pink/red in the tail.

Basic Fun Surprise – MIB but I did unseal the box to move her tail away from her body to prevent color transfer

Basic Fun Heartthrob – MIB, box sealed and in good condition

$8 ponies:
Peachy – concave foot edition.  BEAUTIFUL girl!  Does have a name written under the hoof and end of tail a bit rough.  Head loose.

Cotton Candy 1 (blue eyes) – concave foot edition.  Great paint and body except for a tiny indent in one leg (factory flaw).  End of tail a bit rough.  Name written under hoof.

Parasol  1 (darker) –  Some glitter loss from symbol.  Name written under hoof.  Head loose.

Baby Glory – Very minor head/body mismatch.  Tail washer replaced with zip tie. 

$5 ponies:
Sunlight – Symbol has some scuffing/glitter loss.  One row of yellow in her mane is slightly off-set (factory error).  Head loose.

Medley  – She is in wonderful condition EXCEPT for an age spot on her wing on the display side >.<  Also has a tiny dot on one shoulder.  Lovely hair!  Head loose.

Moondancer – Glitter loss from symbols, mainly the moons.  Hair and body in great shape!  Name written under hoof.

Cotton Candy 2 (purple eyes) – concave foot edition.  Some flaws in symbol.  Tail has been cut and is rough.  Head loose.

Lemon Drop – concave foot edition.  Very good paint and hair. Slight head/body mismatch. One small age spot hiding in eartip under her hair.  Head loose.  She is missing her tail washer but if you want I can put one in for you.

May Lily-of-the-Valley – Body nicely white, paint in good condition.  Some age spots on head, all on non-display side or under hair.  Hair a bit rough.  Original tail washer with no rust. 

Baby Bows – Fancy pants are excellent with no paint rubs.  Head/body mismatch.  Hair is about halfway faded.

Baby Ember (blue) – Good condition but missing first hair plug in mane and small scuff in one eye.  Name written under hoof.

Baby Ember (lavender) – Lovely hair and body.  Small scuff in one eye. Tail washer replaced with zip tie.  Name written under hoof.

“Other-price” ponies
Baby Crumpet – Excellent paint.  Small age spot inside one ear.  Needs her hair styled.  Some tail hairs are shorter than the rest but this seems to be a factory flaw. $25

Baby Surprise with accessories – Baby’s body is nicely white but has an age spot on her neck and inside of one leg, both on non-display side.  Symbol glitter is great but pink string paint has faded.  Accessories include rocker (chew marks on one tip), diaper in box, bottle, brush, complete stack toy, bib, and necklace.  $16

Sundance and Megan – I have two sets including pony, doll, brush, comb, and bridle.  If you are interested, let me know and I’ll show you what I have and you can mix’n’match and we can work out a price.

Petite pony – She is from set two of the Ponytail Ponies, she is lavender with yellow curly tail, aqua bow, and mirror symbol.  Good condition, tail is excellent, symbol has a bit of missing paint.  $3

Loyal Subjects Flocked Princess Sparkle 1/48 chase figure – Fresh out of the package, beautiful girl!  Comes with box and card.  $25

Great Skates pony wear set – All components except sticker.  Everything seems in good condition.  Elastic on headband still works!  $8

Twinkles the cat – I have two of these.  One is sticky (leaking plasticizer?) and is the US release, and she has a name written under her.  The other has black features and is the Euro release.  $3 each.

$1 each accessories (or buy 6 for $5):
Brushes/combs: purple, blue, and pink shooting star.  Blue shooting star with rainbow sticker.  Purple butterfly.  Green and purple flower with leaf handle.  Lavender whale.  Green short comb.  Purple long comb.   Additional brushes and combs that go with playsets are listed below.
Best of the West saddle
Great Skates blanket
Set of 4 lavender shoes
Set of 4 white tennis shoes
Set of 4 white shoes with bows
Set of 3 bright pink shoes (50 cents)
Baby wagon – light blue with yellow wheels, missing handle
Baby bottle with blue ring
Baby bottle with teal ring
“Lost in the Clouds” cassette

Pretty Parlor/Brush me Beautiful playset components:
Purple bridle without reins
Pink saddle
Purple saddle
Cat basket with strap (hot pink basket, purple strap)
Pink comb
Hot pink brush
Cat (see above)

Show Stable components:
Pink bridle with reins
Pink saddle
Yellow brush

Sweet Berry – mechanism works, has both eye gems, moving leg has color mismatch with body, hair is rough, body and has a blue stain.  $2 Sold

Sundance – in Sundance pose.  Excellent condition.  Hair is soft and shiny, has both eye gems, body clean and symbols perfect, mechanism works.  $5 Sold

3 McDonalds G2 ponies – Sundance, Light Heart, Ivy.  All in okay condition, could use a cleaning/hair conditioning.  $1 each

G3s: coming soon eventually?!

MOC Nurse Redheart – I have several, $8 each

MIB Boutique Sparkle Wisteria (Target Exclusive) $15

MIB Boutique Sparkle Pinkie Pie (Target Exclusive) $15
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Re: SunPony's ponies for sale - mostly G1s, some G2s, G3s, G4s.
« Reply #1 on: November 10, 2021, 02:07:21 AM »
Just giving this a little bump!
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Re: SunPony's ponies for sale - mostly G1s, some G2s, G3s, G4s.
« Reply #2 on: November 10, 2021, 02:24:46 AM »
Hi there,

Going to PM you about a pony, thanks!
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Re: SunPony's ponies for sale - mostly G1s, some G2s, G3s, G4s.
« Reply #3 on: December 18, 2021, 05:09:22 PM »
Added a few things including two Basic Fun Twinkle Eye ponies
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Re: SunPony's ponies for sale - mostly G1s, some G2s, G3s, G4s.
« Reply #4 on: January 23, 2022, 10:07:38 PM »
Added some free stuff!  Do you have a kid who likes to play with G5s or Breyers?  Please take these things off my hands before I move  :lol:
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