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ISO Fakies, G2 accessories and more


I'm looking for Chap Mei fakies and Chap Mei fakie-fakies (knock offs of knock offs, if you will) any color and pretty much any quality regardless of marks.
I'm also VERY in search of the saddles, collars and CROWNS.

Willing to negotiate price depending on color+condition!!

I'm looking for a few new items for my collection, mainly the following (in order of importance/desire):

Chap Mei fakies
G2 accessories - ESPECIALLY rainbow arcs + gates
G2 ponies of all kinds
Chap Mei knock-offs ("Fakie-fakies")
Interesting fakies (donkey ponies, any wonky looking fakies)
Fakies in non-standing poses
Totsy fakies
Unicorn fakies in general

I'm also really ISO a decent BBE Frosting, Gingerbread, Fizzy, Quackers, Surprise, Starflower, Starshine, Twilight, Sunspot, a good condition Sundance, a good condition Bowtie, a good condition Applejack and some others I'll update with soon.

My biggest need atm is (chap meis) G2 accessories or fakie accessories. I'm getting back into photographing my collection and I'd really like some props.

Updated ISO!


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