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I am trying to cleanup the G1 section of www.strawberryreef.com and I want to make sure that I have given credit for any images used.  If you notice I have used one or more of your pictures and you are not credited in the contributors page here... https://www.strawberryreef.com/contributors.html please let me know asap and I will either credit you or remove it if you would not like it to be used.  I know in my research days, I often would save off pictures but forget to note where they came from and I definitely want to credit anyone that is willing to contribute their pictures.  Images also will state the owner when hovered over them.  If you notice yours doesn't or has an incorrect owner, please let me know.  Everything has been manually inputted and that unfortunately leaves room for mistakes

In addition, if you notice that an image is needed or if you believe you have a better quality image of a pony I have on the site, I would love any picture donations.  Pictures in focus with hair not covering the symbols and with plain white background are preferred.  Please email pics to strawberryreef@gmail.com

Images used and needed can be found in each section here... https://www.strawberryreef.com/Index/G1/G1index.html

I appreciate your consideration and all your help to make this a great resource for all pony lovers.

Please do not be offended if you don't get a willing response.
I've heard a lot of hurt feelings are rising that you have begun to use work gathered over many years without credit given and it's all for you/your sites benefit.


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