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--- Quote from: LadyMoondancer on January 20, 2022, 06:40:55 PM ---In case anyone missed it, all four Twinkle Eyes are now $13 on Walmart.com!

--- End quote ---

Your awesome. :hug:

Any idea if/when they will be available in the UK?  :wonder:

Sky Rocket and Gingerbread at least are up on Amazon uk, but stupid expensive so I guess 3rd party seller at the moment. Worth keeping an eye on, though. Sky Rocket at least says there are others available from 11.99, which is probably about retail for them over here?

Edit: Fizzy is there too now. No sign of Sweetie yet.

The prices are still too high for me although Sky Rocket has come down to more or less retail.

Yes, I've seen these, but waiting for retailers rather than third party sellers  :sad:

Yeah, likewise. If Amazon has them directly at retail then that's a different matter...however this is usually a sign they're on the way.


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