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Designing my own generation of MLP!

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Hi all! This is my first post (besides introductions) so I’m sorry if this is the wrong place to post this or for any errors!

I’m currently working on designing my own generation of MLP-it’s a work in progress and I’m currently doing it as some sort of therapeutic activity-colour a pony when I need a quick break!
You can follow on

Heavily inspired by G3 and G1-any my own insatiable desire for a multi-coloured horsey toyline that fully embraces it’s ‘equine-ness’!
Here are some examples;

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They are quite adorable! I love that you used brown as a color for some of the ponies :) interesting to see a combination of natural and fantasy horse colors.

Oh my gosh, aren't they precious! :lovey:

You have a wonderful, whimsical style! Plus I adore your pony-looking ponies and dainty foals with appropriate long legs! (It's actually quite interesting how we're so used to MLP where the opposite is true - I guess the proportions are inspired by what humans generally consider cute, like human babies, puppies and kittens.)

I can't pick a favourite character because all the designs are great but I'll try anyhow. Absolutely love Fizz-Whizz, Hand-Me-Down and Frilly Fungus, as well as Baby Breath! I really like how you've made some matching adult & baby designs without repeating the names.

Looking forward to seeing more of your work!  ^.^

My favorite is definitely Sea Trinket. I really love how the foals are similar to but not exactly like the adults!  This is such a cute idea!

Mrs. Prospector:
I love these! These feel like they could have been actual G3 ponies, if Hasbro continued making new characters past 2007. The names are very cute-Crafternoon and Jam-Bo-Ree..aww!


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