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ISO list: wingers, TAF, sweetberry, SHS, Edgar, 7 tales, perfume puff and more!


ISO list. Ponies must not have any cancer or regrind. Ponies with white bodies must still be very white in colour and ponies with fading pink hair must still be still bright. No plugs missing. Please message if you have any of the following that pass the criteria and are in excellent condition!

-Big brother (4-speed, quarterback, slugger, steamer, chief)
-Twinkle eye (whizzer, bright eyes, quackers, sweet stuff, mimic, gingerbread, sky rocket, galaxy, speedy)
-Flutter (forget me not, wing song, hollywood & pink dreams) preferably with wings
Year 6
-Magic Message (magic hat & cloud dreamer with symbol not lifting or scratched)
-Pony Friends (edgar)
-Twice as fancy (munchy, night glider & yum-yum)
-Brush n Grow (pretty vision)
-Summer wing (sky dancer)
-Sundae best (coco berry- preferably still scented)
-Sweetberry (blueberry baskets, cranberry muffins, strawberry surprise- preferably still scented)
-Princess (pristina, dawn, sunbeam, moondust- with straight tinsel forelock)
Year 7
-Brush n Grow Princess  (star gleamer)
-Sunshine (sea flower, shoreline)
-Merry go round (diamond dreams, flower bouquet,  sunny bunch)
-Windy wing (starry, wings, cool breeze, moon jumper)
-Sweetheart sister with earring (fancy flower, spring song, frilly flower)
-Baby ponies & pretty pals (baby lucky leaf, fleecy, baby pockets & hoppy)
-Perfume Puff (sweet lily, daisy sweet (yellow hair), dainty dahlia (blue version)
Year 8
-Ballerina (tip toes)
-Tropical (tootie tails)
Year 9
-Glow n Show  (starglow, happyglow)
-Secret surprise (secret beauty)
Year 10
-teeny tiny twins (sniffles & snookums, bootsie & tootsie)
-sippin soda (chocolate delight)
-sundazzle (sunbeam & sunglory)

UK ponies:
-sweetie baby ponies (baby candy)
-mountain boy (ice crystal, sunburst, fireball)
-romance ponies  (love story)
-7 tales (sweetheart, bright eyes, patch, clover, bon bon)
-seaside babies  (splash)

Hello! I have a few of the ponies you're looking for.

- Twinkle Eyed Speedy
- Flutter Pony Wing Song
- Flutter Pony Forget-Me-Not
- Sundae Best Cocoa Berry (no scent)
- Sweetberry Pony Strawberry Surprise (no scent)
- Princess Dawn
- Princess Pristina
- Merry-Go-Round Sunny Bunch
- Tropical Pony Tootie Tails

* Flutter ponies will have temporary handmade repro wings to use as placers until genuine repro or authentic wings are found.

What kind of conditions are your dawn and pristina in? I'm looking for ones with very straight tinsel and clean looking hair..


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