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Does anyone personally know hathorcat1320 on eBay

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I recently contacted her as well and got a reply a few days later.

Artemesia's Garden:
I was thinking that I'm sorry I don't see her on the Arena anymore and that I hope she's OK.

If anyone is organising an e-card for example I'd be pleased to sign it.

I shall poke her again!

I'm now in the same boat. I bought quite a few accessories from her and as she was listing new items on a regular basis she offered me to pay when I'm done shopping. The last time I heard from her she told me that she'll be listing more in a few weeks, but that was in April and I've written to her three times since then and got no reply. I can't even pay for them on ebay any more as it's been too long since I bought the items, so I would have to pay directly now. I'm still interested in the items, so if you're still in contact with her and would appreciate it if she replied to my messages asking about the payment. She was very responsive before that, so I hope everything's ok?


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