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First Look at G5 Toys

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--- Quote from: BlackCurtains on October 22, 2021, 11:16:53 PM ---I got the Unicorn Party Pack from Walmart as a birthday present :D After seeing them in person, I really like the toys. The almost smooth wings are kinda weird but they'll be easy to clean (not that I expect my ponies to get dirty, I'm thinking more of secondhand ponies). I like the different eye shapes and LOVE the hooves. The hair seem like nice quality too but I haven't really messed much with the hair yet, just first impressions. I do wish Hutch had real hair and that... Pip? the white pegasus, had her butch cut.

While I was in the toy aisle (I had to exchange the pack because the first one my mom ordered was missing Sunny... not sure how an employee could miss that but whatever, it's Walmart) I looked at some of the other toys and there were quite a few I would like to have.

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Congrats, and I hope your having a good birthday today.

Saw these in NZ yesterday. They are SO expensive. $20-30 per pony and they felt very light and cheap.

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--- Quote from: Loa on October 23, 2021, 04:24:01 AM ---Saw these in NZ yesterday. They are SO expensive. $20-30 per pony and they felt very light and cheap.

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Yikes that price!

My Walmart finally stocked the larger version of Pipp, no Zipp yet but I'm hopeful


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--- Quote from: maycrestmom on October 17, 2021, 04:52:51 PM ---i was also just wondering about the G5 set stuff.  All that seems available right now are the ebay options or amazon set.  I have not seen any MLP in my local wal-mart or targets so... boo.  I was finally going to cave and get my nieces ponies and now it seems no luck finding them in stores so I wonder was the movie popular enough so folks will wait out this shipping storm/nightmare back-up or since hasbro also got hit with recent passing of its CEO is that gonna factor in whether these toys are around after the holidays if they aren't going to make it to port in a month?

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Do you have Meijer near you?  I finally looked in one and it had so many G5 and Basic Fun ponies, including the Sunny/smoothie set and Izzy/forest pets set. I wish I had looked there sooner!  My Target still had nothing, though.

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just checked and it seems there's a set available around baltimore so at least there's a target that is claiming to have... no meijer's here


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