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Author Topic: Pony Dreams  (Read 464 times)

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Offline dannahbanana

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Pony Dreams
« on: February 01, 2021, 06:37:54 AM »
Do you ever have dreams of ponies?

Last night I had a dream I was walking down a hill, but it was very icy so I was slipping and sliding down. As I went, I was noticing stores full of G1s for sale. I specifically remember seeing Starglow on a shelf and I really wanted her. But I couldn't get any traction to walk back up the hill to get to her. I think this stems from me seeing Starglow and Brightglow being sold as a set on Japanese Mercari for 3,000 yen (about $30 USD), but were sold before I had a chance. So I guess they "slipped" away from me.

Please share if you have had any pony dreams that you could remember!

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Offline SpacePinto

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Re: Pony Dreams
« Reply #1 on: February 01, 2021, 04:06:00 PM »
It's funny that you made this topic today because I just happened to have one last night. Overall I remember having a total of six pony dreams in my life, the first three of which I have already described here, here and here, but ever since then I had three more (including one today) that I haven't had an opportunity to share until today. What is interesting, while my first three pony dreams were explicitly about pony media, the other three were actually about toys. Here they are from the earliest to the latest:

In the first one I was standing in my room next to the cabinet where I store my ponies in the top compartment, and the door to it was wide open. For some reason though, the only pony inside was my Wind Whistler, and I remember I was worried about something about her, probably her problematic hair, which also happens to be something I'm worried about IRL. And for some reason, I wasn't alone in the room, there was also some good looking guy standing next to me (think a mix between Noah from "The Ring" and the pick up guy from "13") who was apparently slightly older than me and slightly taller (even though I am already 6'1") and I remember that for some reason Iron Maiden's debut album was playing in the background although I had no idea from where, and at some point I turned to that guy who was there with me and told him that I didn't like one of the songs because it sounded "too 70s", whatever that was supposed to mean. That's all I remember from this one.

The second one was probably the weirdest. In this dream, I decided to take a very long walk and somehow I ended up walking for a few hours, until I was away from home and it was getting dark. I got upset that I was so far away and that it would be really late by the time I got home and mom would probably be worried about me, so I decided to start going home. I was walking along the expressway until I was in the next town which borders a small eastern district of our town where almost nobody lives and it's mainly a transportation hub (it has a railway station, an expressway access ramp, a big roundobout and a tram depot). At some point I was passing a picnic table that was close to the expressway and get this, sitting at the table was one of the Arena members accompanied by a young child. For some reason I was hoping they don't reacognize me, even though I don't even live in the same country. Then the Arena member dropped a Megan doll in a white dress on the ground and bend down to pick it up, and then either me or that child dropped an unknown white pony on the ground. The next thing I remember is being on my way home again, and at some point I was passing an abandoned empty concrete water tank surrounded by a gate, and for some reason I decided to tresspass and walk around the edge of the empty tank before resuming my walk. Then the vision turned to a still picture of the area around the tank, and it had my route marked with a red line that ran along the road, then made a circle (well, a rectangle) around the tank and then continued along the road. After that I think I woke up.

The third dream happened last night. Only part of it was about ponies but I remember that our apartment had some sort of spare room in it, I walked there and it turned out that my pony collection was there for some reason. I picked up Galaxy, even though I don't even have a Galaxy in real life, and I noticed something was off about her forehead, like a small hole in front of her mane. Then, to my horror, I realized she had her first plug missing, and I couldn't understand how I could have not noticed it before since I'm very sensitive to this kind of flaws and whenever I want to buy a pony online I check it carefully if its hair is intact. Then it turned out that it's actually the first two plugs that were damaged, as the second plug only had a few individual hairs, it looked like she was a guy with receding hairline or something. I tried to tell myself it's not so bad, that if I comb it right it won't be so noticeable, justifying it to myself that it had apperently never bothered me before somehow. Then I even came to a conclusion that it was actually a good thing, as it helped me realize that a minor hair flaw isn't a big deal and not all my ponies have to look perfect. After a moment, though, I was like who am I kidding and decided that I need to do something about it and that I should go on eBay and find a Galaxy in a better condition to buy, and then think of a way to dispose of "the inferior one" (wow, that sounded ominous). After that it switched to a different dream that I think I will discuss in the off topic dream thread.

Whoa, that was actually much longer than I expected.
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Offline JanuaryJoy

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Re: Pony Dreams
« Reply #2 on: March 01, 2021, 07:02:14 PM »
I found this thread! YES! I finally had a pony dream last night!!

First, the setting... My bedroom with its My Little Pony cabinet was seemingly 100% recognizable. I remembered a lot of exact positions and arrangements of the ponies inside as well! However, the rest of my house was different and resembled the home of somebody's I went to once, then never again.

What happened? I kept walking into my bedroom to see my pony collection, and noticing that ponies were moving places. Some moved several inches, while others had jumped to another shelf entirely. I tried to keep putting them back, but I'd always return to see more ponies shifted around. A few even eerily returned to their precise altered placements. I grew increasingly unsettled without any explanation of the "supernatural" circumstances.

I apparently told my parents about my magical, moving equines while they were cooking in the kitchen, but I don't know what they said. I believe it was mild concern at most, which is funny because IRL they'd be far more interested. I also had a little brother running around in my dream??? From the extremely vague recollection I have, he looked between 4-6 years old. It's bizarre considering I'm an only child.

The dream ended before I discovered why my ponies were going Toy Story on me whenever I left the room... But I'm pretty sure the fictional little brother was orchestrating it. One time, I vividly remember coming back to my pony cabinet to find an ugly orange fakie on one of the cabinet shelves. I'll tell you, if I did have little siblings and they wanted My Little Ponies like mine, I definitely would've sacrificed a knockoff horse instead of a collectible, authentic one.

Yes, I'm disappointed it wasn't a pony-obsessed ghost haunting my collection, too. I woke up this morning briefly thinking all of those events were real, to top off this hilarity. Overall, my dream was absolutely stupid and weirdly memorable.
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