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G5 Media News, movie is now out on Netflix!

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Baby Crumpet:
I only recently had a free moment to sit and watch the film... Not sure when the spoiler-free time ends, so I've popped my thoughts under a spoiler!

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

@Baby Crumpet - I have the same weird feeling about Izzy. I liked her a lot, whereas Pinkie Pie is one of my least favourite characters in G4.

I liked it!  I don't think it will be a movie I watch over and over again but it had some cute moments.  I loved Izzy's house.  I didn't care much for the more modernized cities and suburbs, but they've been official pony for a long time now.  I don't expect that to change.

Leave a Whisper:
Tried to watch,  couldn't finish it. Felt average,  and I had that same annoyed feeling in my gut when they tried to make Smurfs and Ferdinand more modern. Although it was nowhere near as awful as the Smurfs movie. Some of the voices are pleasant,  some sounded like they wanted to be over the top, but were too embarrassed and tried to tone it down halfway. The use of every pony still annoys the crap out of me.

But as long as kids dig it, it doesn't matter. I can still enjoy the toys

I never got the vibe they were "trying to be modern" myself when I watched it - it just seemed like they were naturally including modern-ish things as it was part of the storyline and/or what they wanted to do, the same way Tales and Pony Life ultimately feels, in my opinion.

I'm not sure if it annoys me anymore (if it did), but I think I get what you mean - I never saw the movies you mentioned, but I remember seeing the the trailer for one of the Angry Birds movies (which I've also not seen) and there was a joke about the birds tweeting something, and I was like "Oh yeah, because Twitter exists..." so it did kind of feel like they were trying to stay up to date, or something (though, I could have gotten that wrong), so I do kind of get what you mean, even though I never felt like G5 was doing that, because it seemed so naturally included to me, but I respect your opinion.


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