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G5 Media News, movie is now out on Netflix!

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I really really hope they don't make this too preachy  :yikes:
Diversity and activism is great don't get me wrong but I'd worry about them just being performative "look how woke we are!!" with no substance. Would it be focusing on real issues because they actually care or is it because its just the on-trend to do right now? After all Hasbro is a big company just like the rest, existing for profit and little else.

Just like FIM as much as I love it, used the whole "friendship" as a preachy "love and get along with anyone regardless if they did horrible things to you or others! You have to forgive someone if they hurt you, even if they don't deserve forgiveness" *side eyes Starlight Glimmer*

Maybe I'm just selfish but I just want more fantasy or even MLP Tales style slice of life  :sad:

Yeah I'm scared it'll be used performatively and dishonestly.... :(


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I feel like they ran the lore and story of FiM into the ground already. The finale for season 5 was the start of the decline. So I'm not happy to revisit this world.

I am very cautious of this, set in the same world in the future a bit, references to the main six (if twilight lives a long time like Luna and Celestia probably she'll be a regular character?) Another core cast, the activist pony and diversity

Don't get me wrong diversity and activism are great things, but they didn't prove themselves good at handling friendship so I don't know about how well they'll do on those. Plus like Zapper said having an activist main character comes across like "how do you do fellow kids" and trend chasing. Perhaps she is an activist trying to spread the main six's friendship lessons so it's just going to be constant references and rehashing Haha

I feel like Hasbro is too afraid to really be fresh or new because they might lose that sweet sweet brony money. I wonder how this approach will pay off long term


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