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Candy Cane pony adoptables!

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These are very cute! I'll grab a Sweetie Belle since I'm on that kick.
Pony Name: Sweetie Belle
Pony Species: Unicorn
Pony Reference: This mashup one!
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Eye Sparkle Colour: Green
Anything you want to add?: I'm good!
Are you excited for G5?: Absolutely!

Oooh these are adorable! I'd love one of my pony Rock Candy please <3

Pony Name: Rock Candy
Pony Species: Pegasus
Pony Reference: Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.Eye Sparkle Colour: White
Anything you want to add?: She has white freckles; if you could do her Twinkle Eyes too that would be awesome, if not normal eyes are totally fine ^^
Are you excited for G5?: Waiting for some more concrete info before I pass judgement either way ;)

tailrustedtealeaf, yours is done! :lovey:

Thank you SM! She's so cute!

Ohh she is so lovely!! Thank you so much :heart:


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