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Unicornos and mermicornos by toki doki ?

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Hi everyone :)  I hope you are all well and are having a very good new year.

I am looking for those toki doki figures called unicornos and mermicornos.

if you have any please let me know by sending me a message   

I don't have any for sale but I wanted to let you know I keep seeing them for sale at Walgreens xx

oh be careful these buggers grow on ya and there are TON nowadays  (admitting I have become a collector of these guys and have run out of shadowbox displays) 

hehe :-)  I can probably work a trade for some of your HQG1Cs

have the dragon duo as a double and may be willing to part with the christmas series 2 regular (they forgot the boxes so thinking I will rebuy) I'll send over a PM

I'm looking to weed a few from my collection that I could sell, I have the following I would be willing to sell:

Metallo (Series 1)- $12
Vandallo (Series 2)-$10
Scooter (Series 3)-$10

Or all three for $30 + shipping

Prices don't include shipping, let me know if any would interest you! I accept paypal for payments. I can take pictures of these if desired.


i have 4 toki dokis dbl my self to get rid of.. i do not mind trading for ponies but not HQG1C as those are quite expensive for me to buy just to resell.

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i love these things now.. im trying to buy a bunch from the same person if possible

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i should add i would like to buy in canadian or usa money please.. euros or pounds is just to expensive compared to my canadian dollar


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