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Help from Germany! Ebay seller fraud or what?

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I won an auction a while ago. Seller told me it was sent and ebay has a shipping code for Hermes. Ebay shows the package has been sent and Hermes web-site and customer service says that the package has been bought = edm but not sent. Seller is mean and isn't co-operative and I'm pissed.

Can someone help and does anyone now seller sandrde_wzu147c3?

Ebay only marked it as "sent" because the seller did so. It's something you can turn on and off.

The Hermes info is more valuable. It sometimes takes a few days until you can track a package. But it sounds like the sellers did not get it to the Hermes office. If I were you I'd contact the seller again and if he/she doesn't cooperate you should maybe cancel your payment (I assume you paid via paypal, in that case you have buyers protection).

I was stupid and paid with bank transfer because seller had loads of good feedback (like 99.8% positive).. Never again! The package is sent (not) few weeks ago.. I dont think Covid effects that much.

I contacted ebay and they contacted the seller to post me proof of sending the package. Not having high hopes ever having the package.

I don’t know if this problem is solved but I can tell you that Hermes and their Tracking informations aren’t very reliable this December :( I am also still waiting for a package myself that was sent earlier in December...don’t know if this helps but maybe don’t give up hope.

This ended badly and I learned my lesson. I lost my money and got nothing. The seller was very hostile and refused to help me and of course Ebay sided with the seller because I was stupid and paid via bank transfer. The seller is sandrde_wzu147c3. Today ended one auction with a high € ending, hope the seller sends the goods this time to the poor soul who won. I can't fathom why does Ebay allow these sellers who only offer bank transfer or pick up as option, I think PayPal should always be an option!


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