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Author Topic: G1 Pony-paluza, looking for a new herd home!  (Read 1326 times)

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G1 Pony-paluza, looking for a new herd home!
« on: November 26, 2020, 07:08:32 PM »
Hello MLP Arena,
Many lovely G1 ponies looking for a new herd  ^.^ Some ponies are from my own childhood collection, and some from prior years of collecting. All are as-is condition - I have not taken any steps to alter, clean, condition hair, re-style, etc.. Some real beauties! Please view their photos and ask any questions.

Pony family photo album

Suggested Price OBO
NameYearTypeBody ColorCutie MarkSuggested Price
Heart Throb (Italian Variant)3PegasuspinkHearts with Silver wings20
Scrumptious4So-Soft PonieswhiteWatermelon20
Truly4So-Soft PonieswhiteGreen dove and red hearts15
Sugarberry5Twice as FancywhiteStrawberries25
Fifi5Twice as FancywhiteBows10
Quackers5Twinkle-Eyed PonieswhiteDuck60
Crumpet5So-Soft PoniesyellowPink teapot and teacup155
Cherry Treats6Sweetberry PonywhiteBlue bowl full of cherries25
Buzzer6Summer Wingblue   Yellow bee surrounded by flowers and yellow flower on right cheek25
Glow6Summer Wingblue   Pink firefly with smaller one on her nose50
High Flyer6Summer WingpurpleSilver dragonfly and smaller one on nose50
Cool Breeze7Windy Wing PonygreenAqua palm tree and sun with smaller palm tree on nose70
Sundance (TAF)7Twice as Fancywhite18
Raincurl8[Rainbow CurlwhiteCloud   40
Streaky8Rainbow Curlpurple   Music Notes25
Lovin Kisses10Sweet Kisses Sweetheart Sisterwhite   Blue "XO" surrounded by hearts10
Baby Pictures?Playschool Baby Ponies (UK exclusive)blue   Crayons   20
Hopscotch?Earth Pony (UK exclusive)blue   hopscotch grid25
Honeycomb?Pegasus   (UK exclusive)white   Glitter bumblebees55
Clover (Seven Tales)?Earth Ponies (UK exclusive)purple      Clover150
Little Tabby9Teeny Tiny Baby Poniespink   Purple teddy bear wearing hat and a bow around her neck10

$5 each OBO
NameYearTypeBody ColorCutie MarkNotable Issues
Peachy2Earth Poniesorangehearts
Bow Tie2Earth Poniesbluepink bows
Blossom2Earth Poniespurplewhite flowersrattles
Applejack2Earth Poniesorange   apples   
Firefly2Pegasus PoniespinkGlitter lightning boltssymbol rub, small puncture under tail
Sunlight2Rainbow Poniesblue           Glitter Cloud, sun
Windy 12Rainbow Poniespurple   Glitter wind
Windy 22Rainbow Poniespurple   Glitter wind
Moondancer2Unicornwhite   Glitter moon and starssymbol rub
Baby Cotton Candy3Baby Poniespinkwhite dots
Baby Moondancer3Baby Ponieswhitemoon and starsscuffed cheek, might clean
October Cosmos3Mail Order Birthflower Ponieswhiteflower
Sundance3Earth Ponieswhitesticky
Posey3Earth Poniesyellowtulips   symbol rub
Sweet Stuff3Earth PoniesTwinkle-Eyed PoniesGumdropsscuffy, might clean
Party Time4Twinkle-Eyed Ponies (Party Gift Pack)orangeParty Hats
Baby Lickety Split 15First tooth BabiespinkIce cream coneshaircut?
Baby Lickety Split 25First tooth BabiespinkIce cream coneshaircut
Princess Tiffany5Princess Ponieswhite    Silver teardrop-shaped medallion with green jewel
Princess Primrose5Princess Poniespink   Blue butterfly-shaped medallion with red jewel
Dancing Butterflies5Twice as FancyyellowButterflies
Big Top6Newborn Twinswhiteclowntail rust
Toppy6Newborn Twinsyellowclown
Banana Surprise6Sundae Best Poniespurple   3D Banana split
Sugar Sweet7Candy Cane Poniespink   Cotton Candy
Twinkler 17Sparkle Poniespurple   Stars   
Twinkler 27Sparkle Poniespurple   Stars   
White Valentine Twin8Baby Ponies (Mail Order)white   Red heart under red and pink 'rainbow'
Baby Rainribbon9Rainbow Babiespurple   Rainbow above cloud with sun poking out behind surrounded by stars

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Re: G1 Pony-paluza, looking for a new herd home!
« Reply #1 on: December 28, 2020, 02:51:38 AM »
Sent a PM!
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Re: G1 Pony-paluza, looking for a new herd home!
« Reply #2 on: March 05, 2021, 12:59:04 PM »
Hi London peaches,

Sent you a PM.

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Re: G1 Pony-paluza, looking for a new herd home!
« Reply #3 on: March 07, 2021, 10:00:14 PM »
hi! can you pm me about honeycomb?


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