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Author Topic: Ebay Badlister purchase - updated - false alarm  (Read 2375 times)

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Offline saraax

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Ebay Badlister purchase - updated - false alarm
« on: November 13, 2020, 11:33:11 PM »
Summary: Not a pony sale but a rare vintage plush for over $100, made an offer, then she asked to pay full price on Mercari before accepting a counteroffer.
The request for selling on Mercari sent off a redflag, so after she paid I checked the name and recent feedback.
Name matched a very bad trader/scammer who has been scamming on and off since at least 2000.
Not in Florida where she was last known to be operating, but Ebay address said SC, which isnt far.

UPDATE!! So I mailed 2-day priority and buyer left glowing praise the moment she received it! Gonna chalk this up to a case of mistaken identity, since her name is a bit common. 
I know we are all on edge this year too, just trying to stay vigilant.

Safe sales and trades everyone!
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Offline The-Extravagant-Pony

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Cancel the sale. It’s not worth the risk! Too much scamming going around right now with eBay.

Offline Carrehz

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Oh I really hope this isn't who I think it is...

I'd say cancel the sale, personally. If it IS who I think it is, then it's definitely not work risking - especially with such a rare/valuable item.
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Offline saraax

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Welp...I contacted Ebay live chat. I let them know of my concerns and 'reported' her as she did ask to take the transaction elsewhere. She asked via Ebay messages so its on file.

I'll be sending tomorrow priority mail with sig confirmation. I let her know and she responded that she was fine with 'sig confirmation', in fact she 'preferred it that way'.


So we'll see. Ill report back with additional info as I get it. Ebay limit to file INAD is 30 days so at least Ill know before Xmas if she's going to go that route. if she does a chargeback its more like 60 days so unfortunately I wouldn't know till Mid-January. :(

Trust if she does INAD I will be blabbing her name, address, any info I have to Ebay, you all, FB, and any other place I frequent. If shes 'back' Im sure many will want to know to be aware and keep away.

Offline tailrustedtealeaf

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Eek, I hope it's not who I think you're talking about.
I think signature confirmation is a good step, do keep us updated!
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Ugh, I know who you're talking about too!! I've heard the horror stories! They go WAAAAAYYYY back!! Actually, I did buy something from her once. Didn't realize it was her until the package arrived and I saw the return address. My transaction went fine, actually. But yeah, I wouldn't want to risk dealing with her; she's a total troll!!
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Lexi is back?  GAHHHHHHHHH
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Offline saraax

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Not lexi. ill reveal who once transaction is complete.


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