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Clearing out extras, All gens, some exclusives, lots of merch

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Hello all.  I am starting to clear some of my collection out.  Check out my albums here:   

I have G2, 3, and 4 and tons of merch as well as some fakies and a couple breyers.  Some G3 exclusives in there and lots of MIB stuff.  Please PM me if you are interested in anything or want more pics.  Friday is my main shipping day, I will make every effort to ship other days, but it may have to be Friday in some cases. And for those that like lists, I have added the list form below:

G1/G1 re-releases:
Megan doll
35th Anniv. Snuzzle MIB

Pretty parlor, no pony, some box creasing/bends
Queen Sunsparkle and throne, no box, paint defect on throne, unsure if complete
Canopy Bed with Light Heart-Never Opened
MOC Secret Surprise Friends Berry Bright
Secret Tale-never removed from card but card is bent and has a peel along the back

Dancing fun With Starsong MIB-target sticker on box
Petal Blossom -1st release on card
Royal Ribbon-target exc. MOC
Rainbow Flash-1st release on card
Target Excl-Yours Truly MOC
Target Dosey Dotes-MOC
Target Toodeloo MOC
Easter Daisy Jo in “easter egg”
Shenanigans 1 MIB
Cherry Blossom 1 MIB
Pinkie Pie with A Charming Birthday VHS and charm bracelet MIB
Fluttershy with pale pink Charm MIB
Fun Fairy MIB
Easter Flower Wishes MIB
Target Spring Treat MIB
Dress Up Halloween Star Song as Witch
Target Exl Juniper Jade MIB
TRU 2 Pack Dress up Daywear Wing Wishes Blossom Forth with Spring Fever MIB
Easter Rainbow Dash with bunny ears (dress up hanger on box)
Love Wishes MIB
Picnic Celebration with Apple Jack in apple shaped vinyl bag
Bashful Bonnet MIB
Morning Dawn Delight MIB
Halloween Dress Up Scoot-a-loo as flower-MIB
Sparkleberry Swirl with computer game MIB
2008 SDCC excl. MIB Secret Identity
2007 Collector’s Exclusive #2 Light henna style pinkie pie
Petal Blossom with Picnic Set MIB
2010 "Dandelion" MIB Con. Exclusive Green flowered pony
Tangerine Twinkle-loose
Thistle Whistle-loose in bag
Cupcake, loose in bag
Mittens, target excl, MIB
Autumn Skye, UK release, MIB
Sweet Summertime, UK release, MIB
Spring Fever, UK release, MIB

G3 Ponyville:
MOC Tea time Pinkie pie, but miscarded as shoe time toola roola x2
target exclusive valentine 3 pack-1 of each set

G 3.5:
Styling Pinkie Pie MIB
MIB Walking Talking Pinkie Pie
Target Exclusive Hat Box Set 5 pack
Winter Sweetie Belle
Twist and Style Starsong MIB

Easter Fluttershy MIB, round bubble
Crystal Empire Twilight Sparkle with glitter hair and glasses
 Fun at the Fair Applebloom and Sweetie Belle-MIB
FIM Styling Rarity with furry saddle and pink/magenta shoes
We Love Fine DJPon, still in plastic
Fashion Style Princess Celestia, MIB
Fashion Style Princess Luna, MIB
Bagged Singles:  Fluttershy, Applejack, Cheerilee, Lily Blossom, Lyra
FIM with DVD MIB:  Rarity, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Lyra
MIB Applejack with forelock, saddle
MIB Pinkie Pie with comb (early release)
Target Pony rainbow collection minis-blind bag size
FIM minis Pony Lesson Set-blind bag size
Pony School Pals and Cheerilee MIB set
Design a Pony MIB:  Princess Luna, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash
Twilight Sparkle Hot Air Balloon MIB
FIM Twilight Sparkle with glasses MIB
Blind Bag Glitter Clear Fluttershy-wave 10
Wave 10 unopened blind bags
Blind Bag Wensley
Blind Bag Big Wig
Twilight Sparkle with saddle and bird friend, MOC
Pinkie Pie with saddle and friend, MOC
Fluttershy with wagon and bunny MOC
Pinkie Pie with luggage and hedgehog, moc
Bridle Friends Fluttershy Wedding MIB
Royal Castle Friends pack with Bonus Cheerilee and school friends MIB
Collector's Light Up DJPon3 MIB
Camping Fun With Rainbow Dash
Cake Family Babysitting Fun MIB set
Cloudsdale MIB set
Apple Family MIB set
Groovin Hooves MIB set
Fluttershy's Nursery Tree MIB
Fashion Style Pinkie Pie with yellow dress, blue hat (crystal empire) MIB
Fashion Style Pinkie Pie pink and purple dress, lots of barrettes, MIB
Applejacks Sweet Apple Barn MIB
Magic Motion Apple Jack, MIB
Bridle Friends Twilight Sparkls, MIB
Spa Pony Mini set MIB
Pony Lesson Mini set, MIB
Pony Wedding mini set, MIB
Class of Cutie Marks mini set, MIB
Famous Friends mini set, MIB
Wild Rainbow Scootaloo Target excl, MIB
Wild Rainbow Apple Bloom Target excl, mib
Rarity with saddle and bird, MOC
Masquerade Rainbow Dash MOC
Crystal Empire Rarity MOC
Masquerade Rarity MOC
Rainbow Dash with wagon and chipmunk? MOC
Rainbow Dash with wagon and duck MOC
Apple Jack with green hat MOC
Magic Motion Twilight Sparkle MIB
Sea Swirl MOC

Funko all MIB:
:muffin: Pony with 7 bubbles
Dr. Whooves with red tie
Pinkie Pie
Shining Armor Clear Glitter Variant

2013 FIM Calander-still wrapped
Mini family dollar yarn hair plush rainbow dash
Keychain “head” lollipop holder-Sparkle Works
Starcatcher Paint with Water book
Kurt Adler Ornament (25th anniv. style box) Pinkie Pie with gift
Kurt Adler Ornament (25th anniv. style box) Sweetie Belle with cookie jar
Sparkle Works Ornament with wreath-year one, red box
G3 original brushable mane keychain minty
Stick Up g3 wall borders
g3 fancy plastic tea set
Pinkie Pie bubble blower
Twilight Sparkle Nightlight
Pinkie Pie flashlight
Grab and Glow nightlight
Rainbow Flash Gift Bag
g3 charm bracelet
Sweetberry Gift Bag
Sunny Daze gift bag
Sar Swirl gift bag
Twinkle Twirl ornament
g3 pinkie pie plush bookmark
G3 fluttershy hair brush
G3 rainbow dash waterfall bubble bath bottle
Suuny Daze tiny tin
g4 fashion lamp
g3 pinkie pie water canteen
g4 rainbow dash sleep mask
G3 pinkie pie christmas stocking
2012 calendar
Celestial Solstice Collectible Card Game
G3 Lunch bag
g4 shopping bags
g3 tin purses
Twilight sparkle sleep mask
Pinkie Pie Sno Cone Maker
Starcatcher backpack
Celestia pencil pouch
Squash ems-Blossom, Blue Belle, Butterscotch
Fabric Hair hot topic plush (med):  Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Pinky Pie, Twilight sparkle
Fabric Hair small plush:  Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle
Rainbow Dash Plush backpack
Animated Storytelling Twilight Sparkle

Various stickers, puzzles, coloring books,magnet books pens, stationary-see pics

edit and bump!

PMing you!




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