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Strawberry Swirl:
Fantastic choice, funny because I had her G3 version growing up and didn't even remember it until I was like 17. She was sitting in a ziploc bag in a plastic box the whole time. Poor girl.

Glistening Rainlight:
Awh, I want this but I've been in the middle of designing a new character/persona and can't choose between all of the official ponies I like ;u;

-thinks for a while- ....I thiiiiink... I might go with Starlight Savannah for this one. o: One of my favorite old G3 fancharacters. c:
She's a cutie cascade sparkle/glitter pony, so she's got glitter on her face, mark, hair, and wings. I made a mistake with the wings though, I misinterpreted my original design drawing of her and thought her wings were supposed to be flutter pony wings, so I'd converted them to fairy wings. Turns out the wings are supposed to be like Star Catcher's, so heathered, just a different color from everything else.

 :redface: My slightly embarrassing original drawing, for context:

Fizzy Scrumptious:
Oh these are so cute! I'd love one of my ponysona when you get the chance :) here's a ref link:

Oh I love these, I agree I really liked how the ponies looked in the 80s cartoons :) If you have time I'd love one of my ponysona Creatrix please :3

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Strawberry Swirl:
Many apologies for the delay! The last batch is ready for pickup. Thank you everybody that participated :heart:


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