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Oh my goodness, Thankyou! You did a really good job, I love that you added her accessories and a cute orange bow  :hug:

Fizzy Scrumptious:
Aw thank you so much! You drew them beautifully :) I love it! <3

Glistening Rainlight:
Waaah! She's wonderful, thank you! :happy: :lovey:

--- Quote from: dragglereeka on October 01, 2020, 12:05:50 PM ---Oh I love these, I agree I really liked how the ponies looked in the 80s cartoons :) If you have time I'd love one of my ponysona Creatrix please :3

--- End quote ---
Your pony is so wonderful too! Her design is lovely. :D


Aw, thankyou Glistening Rainlight !


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