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I'm not gonna lie, I saw all that orange  and legit thought it was a Scooby-Doo costume for a minute.


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Well... the little pouch is cool.

I haven't seen these posted (apologies if they have been)...

Pinkie Pie Halloween Greeter ($19.22, Walmart, Indianapolis, IN area, purchased mid-September) She's similar to the Easter Greeter plush.
(ignore the Halloween boxes and skeleton behind her...)
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Twilight Sparkle Airblown Inflatable ($29.99, At Home, Indianapolis, IN)
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Pinkie Pie Airblown Inflatable ($28.88, Walmart, Indianapolis, IN area) This was available last year, if memory serves.
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Thanks for the pics Ponyfan and Halicabi! I love seeing random/obscure merch like this.

The final version of the Hatsune Miku/MLP Bishoujo statue has been revealed:


Personally I LOVE the pony (not 100% happy with how they did her eyelashes, but it's not a dealbreaker), but Miku herself... Don't get me wrong, she's gorgeous, but she really looks just like any other Miku figure? There's nothing that really sets her apart from all the other Mikus out there. I like her, but for the price these go for (also the amount of space they take up..), I'd really have liked something more unique, you know? Personally I think I'd have given her pony ears and/or a tail (maybe on a headband like the Bishoujo Pinkie had), or *something* different... as it is, it almost feels like they just made a generic Miku to lure in Miku fans that don't like MLP, you know? esp. since the two are separate figures. Just doesn't really feel like a *collab*.

I looked around and saw some people saying they might separate the two and sell Miku pony, honestly tempted to keep an eye out and try and get her that way.

Also here's a store find of my own:
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Latest MLP magazine, still using the G4 logo but otherwise it seems to be entirely G5, guess this probably means the previous issue was the final G4 issue? I'll keep an eye out for the next one. Not gonna lie, I'll miss the G4 magazines, the figures they occasionally came with were really cute.

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They keep pushing back the release date for the planner. :huh: Starting to wonder if we'll even see it before the new year.


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