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Welcome to the Out Now & Coming Soon thread

This thread is a community collaborative effort – with us all spread so widely across the world hopefully we should together manage to keep it up to date with what, where and when items can be found. So please feel free to post here or pm with your information and images so they can be added.

Note that "Wave" indicates expected order of release and as new items are released or found, these Wave orders may change.
Countries of release are where items have to date been found that I am aware of - if you can add countries or remove countries to the list for certain items, again please let me know. 

Most recent locked thread: http://mlparena.com/index.php/topic,296088.0.html

Hey, new thread!

I found G4.5 Rainbow and Rarity at HEB of all places today. I was curious about their hair quality, and I am not disappointed! Rainbow's is super soft and silky (like Potion, AJ and Flutters), whereas Rarity's is slightly lower quality but still pretty good compared to recent years (like Twilight and Trixie). Seems like it was just Pinkie who got stiffed.

Unfortunately Rarity has a ton of factory dirt that won't come off - black and blue smudges mostly on her face. They're not too glaringly obvious, but I'd recommend checking the one you're buying in the store to make sure it's to your liking.

Also found two of the wave 2 baby seaponies at 5 Below, as well as this thing:
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New thread, cool! Here's to another 8 years. ^^
I had noticed that the blind bag potion sets at Target are on clearance now, waves 1a and 1b.
Styling head Pinkie is cool! Too bad she doesn't have any accessories.

Yay, new thread! :frolic:

I forget if I said this on the last thread or not, but I finally saw the G4.5s in person the other week. They're... hm.. Well, they look better in person than in photos, but I don't think I'll be getting one any time soon ;) Still haven't seen Potion Nova, though.

SO many ways to style...the exact same pony as the last 10 years.

Hasbro, you're shaking up the wrong variable here.


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