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Author Topic: SunPony's ponies for trade - mostly G1s and accessories  (Read 1822 times)

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SunPony's ponies for trade - mostly G1s and accessories
« on: April 27, 2020, 02:11:40 AM »
This is my first time posting a trade thread I think, so apologies if there are any formatting errors or anything!  I have available mostly G1 ponies and accessories, plus a few G2s and G3s.  If you are interested in something and want to see photos just ask!  If you want to buy instead of trade just get in touch.  I haven't figured out the prices for all these but I'm sure we can work something out.

Right now I'm only interested in trading within the USA until I figure out how to do customs forms without going to the post office.   :(

G1s: (some come with their comb/brush)

Applejack – Very good condition.  Hair has some slight lack of smoothness.  Name written under hoof.  Comes with brush.

Parasol  1 –  Very good condition.  Some minor glitter loss from symbol.  Name written under hoof.
Parasol 2 – Good condition.  Body seems evenly faded as it is a fairly light pink.  Symbols maybe have slight glitter loss.
I have one comb and brush for them.

Sunlight – Tail has been cut and has some stain that seems to be related to mane glue coming out.  May be a rehair candidate.  Symbols and body are decent.  I might have a replacement tail, if you are interested I can look for it for you!

Blossom – concave foot 1982 edition.  In great shape except has a name written under a hoof.

Peachy – concave foot 1982 edition.  She’s in great shape but does have a name written under a hoof.

Cotton Candy – I have several in varying condition.  Two are missing tails and could be rehair candidates.

May Lily-of-the-Valley – Body nicely white.  Age spot near one ear and on nose.  Hair a bit rough.

November Chrysanthemum – Severe haircut, she will need a rehair.  Body and symbols great!

Sundance 1 –  Great condition, tail a bit rough.  Body nice and white.
Sundance 2 –  Good condition but body is a bit dingy and tail a bit rough.

Medley 1 – She is in wonderful condition EXCEPT for an age spot on her wing on the display side >.<
Medley 2 – Missing tail and has severe glitter loss.  A few age spots on NDS.  Name written under hoof.

Moondancer – Glitter loss from symbols, mainly the moons.  Hair and body in great shape.  Name written under hoof.  Comes with brush.

Posey – hair mostly faded, just a bit pink still.  She has one pink and one blue/green stain on the NDS.  They are not coming off with cleaning, so this side of her body is a bust.  Display side looks lovely, though. 

Firefly – Very good, symbols are near perfect but has a small white dot near blush on display side.  Has name written under hoof.

MGR Sunny Bunch – Excellent condition with very minor paint rubs on her saddle.

Heart Throb – Excellent condition, hair still has curl to it. Name written under hoof.

TAF Yum Yum – Very good condition.  Hair is about half-faded.  Some very minor yellowing of neck glue on the side that is covered by her mane, so you can’t see it on display.  Three of the symbols on the NDS are a little hazy (factory error)

TAF Milky Way – Minor glitter loss from symbols maybe?  Tail end a bit rough.

SS Lofty – Excellent condition.  Hair still curled.  Gorgeous flocking!

SS Posey – hair is faded most of the way, only slightly pink.  Flocking in very good condition but does have small ear rubs.  There is a brown stain on the rear foot that is visible from behind but not from the sides.  I haven’t tried to clean it because I’m not familiar with flocking cleaning methods.  Comes with brush.

SS Fifi – She has intact flocking, however, there are areas of it that have yellowed, most notably on the display side front leg.  I’m not sure if this can be cleaned or sunfaded in any way – I haven’t tried and don’t know much about cleaning flocking.  Her mane and tail are good but lost original curl.

Twinkle eyed Sweet Stuff – Excellent condition, I can’t find any flaws.

Pony Bride – Excellent condition, I can’t find any issues.  Could maybe use her body washed.

Sealight seapony - comes with brush, comb, and shell.  Hair ends a bit rough, faint yellow stain on display side.

Celebrate baby seapony – Tragically has a big age spot right on her cheek of her display side.  Her NDS looks pretty good though. 

Summerwing Buzzer – Great condition with beautiful curly hair and perfect wings.  Has a couple tiny dark spots on NDS.

Baby Bows – Fancy pants are excellent with no paint rubs.  Head/body mismatch.  Hair is about halfway between pink and white.

Baby Glory – has head/body mismatch.  Tail washer replaced.  Otherwise good shape!

Baby Firefly – Great condition, I can’t find any issues with her.

Baby Ember (blue) – Good condition but missing first hair plug in mane.  Name written under hoof.

Baby Ember (lavender) – Okay condition.  Had tail rust.

Baby Lucky – Head/body mismatch, otherwise great.  Comes with bowtie which is intact but elastic has lost its stretch.

Sea Shimmer baby seapony - flaw in plastic inside one ear, faint brownish area on side - not visible when she is in her float.  Comes with float which has a small paint rub on one "foot"

Majesty – Severe glitter loss, head/body mismatch, missing about 15 hair plugs.  May be bait or rehair project.

Petite pony – She is from set two, she is lavender with yellow curly tail, aqua bow, and mirror symbol.  Good condition, tail is excellent, symbol has a bit of missing paint.

Megan dolls – I have two, they seem to be in excellent condition but could use some hair conditioning/styling.  Both have their dress but only one has the shoes and panties.

Twinkles the cat – I have two of these ladies.  I would say both are in okay condition.  One is leaking plasticizer and is the US release, and she has a name written under her.  The other has black features and is the Euro release.

G1 accessories:
Great Skates pony wear set – All components except sticker.  Everything seems in good condition.  Elastic on headband still works!

Best of the West saddle.

Set of 4 lavender shoes. 

Set of 4 white tennis shoes.

Set of 4 white shoes with bows.

Three bright pink shoes.

Satin’n Lace’s garter (elastic works!)

Yellow big brother bandana (I think it is Steamer’s)

Pretty Parlor/Brush me Beautiful playset components:
Purple bridle without reins
Pink saddle
Purple saddle
Cat basket with strap (hot pink basket purple strap)
Pink comb
Hot pink brush
Cat (see above)

Show Stable components:
Pink bridle with reins
Pink saddle
Yellow brush

Sweet Berry – mechanism works, has both eye gems, moving leg has color mismatch with body and has a blue stain. 

Sundance – in Sundance pose.  Excellent condition.  Hair is soft and shiny, has both eye gems, body clean and symbols perfect, mechanism works.

3 McDonalds G2 ponies – Sundance, Light Heart, Ivy.  All in okay condition, could use a cleaning/hair conditioning.

Port-o-bella – Excellent condition except for some yellowing of her neck glue.

Waterfire – Excellent condition but body seems oily – leaking plasticizer?  Color is fine.

Island Delight – Excellent condition.  Does have a bit of excess glue around symbol.

Nurse Redheart – MOC, I have several of her.

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