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Aqua’s Ponies All Gens, Other Toys & More! July Update

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Aquatic Neon:
Own a toy business have several other toys available as well if you are looking for anything just let me know, many things not listed.

Follow my sales only Instagram @AquasToyStore with #claimsales usually weekly!

Some Examples: My Little Pony all Gens, Action Figures, Animals, Breyer, Disney, Dolls, Barbies, Monster High, Ever After, 80s Toys, Fisher Price, Funko, Jurassic Park / World, Lego, Marvel/DC, Plush, Pokemon, Shopkins, Star Wars, Transformers, Trolls, GiJoe, & More. Just about any toy line possible I have some available.

Thank you very much. Very much appreciated! Located in USA. Shipping typically same/next day.

The $5 ones look pretty nice considering I don't have any right now ^ Are you doing shipping or meet-ups?

sent a PM :-)

Aquatic Neon:
Totally updated with tons of new ponies!

Hello, are any of these ponies still avaliable?

G1 little flitter
G3 Sunrise song, star catcher (fancy wings), Rainbow dash,  Twilight pink, Beachberry

Thank you!


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