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I have returned! :heart:

This set was a challenge to myself, as I usually don't like floral themes, but I actually really like how these girls turned out! <3
The Precious Petal Ponies are flower-scented, like their names, and their symbols are 3D domed cabochons, with floral-shaped sequins and glitter that you can shake around inside!
The gold parts are like chrome gold, so their symbols are somewhat similar to the Princess Ponies crossed with the Precious Pockets if that makes sense? They're inspired by potpourri too!
This background was also my most ambitious one to date, and I'm also quite proud of it haha, I've always wanted to paint one of those old-style fancy gilt greenhouses.
I hope you enjoy!
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What an adorable idea & what an adorable drawing!!! I'm in love xxx

So dreamy!  Such beautiful ponies.

Thankyou so much guys! I'm so glad you like them! :heart:

Wow!! They look so dreamy and beautiful!


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