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--- Quote from: Crystal-Sushi on April 08, 2021, 02:41:24 PM ---Introducing the Pastel Egg Ponies!

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Aaah better late than never? XD
These guys have been on the backburner for over a year, as G1 never did any Easter ponies (well, standard issue US/UK G1 didn't) and I wanted to make some! <3
Went off of the feel of our two official Greek Easter ponies (Ladybird and Lambaditsa) which is why Marshmallow Frosting is in the sitting pose and shares similar colours; I wanted her to feel familiar but not be a copy of either preexisting pony if that makes sense?
I imagine they're chocolate scented, or perhaps vanilla.... Greek pony plastic is meant to smell like vanilla from what I've heard, so perhaps that works well?
Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy them! <3

(Also I'm so sorry for my long absence, depression has really been sapping my creativity of late :drunk:)

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They're so sweet. My favorite is Merry Monday. Also big :hug:

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--- Quote from: Esbayne on August 12, 2020, 04:29:06 AM ---These are all SO adorable!! My favourites so far are the baby wingers and the rock candy ponies, but they are all just so amazing! I wish they were all real ponies! :lovey:

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Aww thankyou SO much! :heart: I wish they were real too, maybe one day? :D
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I really wanted to do a Halloween set, as we never got one in G1, but also, in keeping with the G1 line, black was never used as a main (hair/body) colour and it's one of the big Halloween colours, so I wanted to challenge myself to make a seasonal line without it!
These ponies all glow in the dark, and I had to restrain myself from madding any extra features, otherwise every line I design would wind up being a glitterbomb XD
I'm also super proud of the background for this one, as you may know it's something I struggle with so I really tried hard on this one to make it as atmospheric as possible!
I hope you all enjoy! <3

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Pumpkin Patch needs to be made right now. My unrivaled favorite out of all your designs.


--- Quote from: Leave a Whisper on September 12, 2021, 04:48:24 PM ---
Pumpkin Patch needs to be made right now. My unrivaled favorite out of all your designs.

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Aww haha, thankyou so much! :heart:


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I FINALLY FINISHED THEM! These guys have been in my head for like a year...!
They're another gimmick combo, this time they're flocked AND scented, it's meant to look a bit like a powdered sugar coating, hence the name, I hope you enjoy! <3

Utterly gorgeous Baby Ponies!!!

They look fantastic! You do a fantastic job at recreating the G1 art atyle. And I love the idea for the gimmick, that's so cute and someone should make them real

Aww... these are amazing! Love Baby Cotton Cloud!


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