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Crystal Dreams of Pony Design...!

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She's adorable!!!

All of your designs are amazing! I especially love the Rock Candy Ponies and the Spooky Season Ponies... as a kid, I would've lost my mind for ponies like that. (Who am I kidding, I'd still love ponies with those gimmicks today!)

The only thing wrong with these is that they aren't real!  :lol:
You have a talent for art and a lot of creativity...and the combination of those two things is giving us G1 fans some very imaginative designs! 
They are all fantastic 😊

I like the backcard look!  I've done this myself with pony sets I've made.  Great work!!

Thankyou so much guys! :heart:
Sorry for the radio silence for a while haha, as I've moved house it's been a huge change for me! I'll get back to drawing ponies soon though haha, I have a huge list of ideas!


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