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Ahh thankyou so much guys! :heart!:

--- Quote from: Heelys on March 09, 2020, 06:11:50 PM ---What a great concept! And your art is lovely, you get that G1 boxart aesthetic.

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I'm totally aiming for the G1 backcard aesthetic and I'm so glad you like it so much!

--- Quote from: Strawberry Swirl on March 09, 2020, 09:34:35 PM ---I really adore these! I might have to make fan art some time...

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--- Quote from: Safflower on March 11, 2020, 02:17:40 AM ---aaa I love original G1 concepts! These would fit right in :D So pretty :lovey:

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--- Quote from: Shaiyeh on March 11, 2020, 05:03:57 PM ---Ooooo these are so sweet! I'd have loved to see this set as actual ponies :lovey: well done, they're great!

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THANKYOOU! Clipper actually commented that they might just be a possibility of them becoming HQG1 in the future and I am just over the moon aaah...!

So uh, anyway, here's my next design set! :heart:

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My thought process was basically as Winger Ponies (Summer Wings and Windy Wings) were originally intended to be Baby Flutter Ponies, my thoughts for Baby Flutters went in a different direction - caterpillars! They are teeny-tiny sized with pearlescent tails and tiny little flutter wings! Just like adult Flutter Ponies, they have a lil' symbol on their cheek :heart:

I hope you all like them just as much as The Cloudpuff Ponies! These ones actually took a lot longer due to the complexity of the art and I struggle with digital watercolours XD

As said on Discord, these are adorable!!! Would need to be a good sculptor though for those tails...

Just beautiful!!! Great work!! :heart:

Pretty colors. Nice work.

Ah thankyou so much guys! I'm so glad you like them haha, it really inspires me to continue creating these works :heart:

--- Quote from: Ponybookworm on March 18, 2020, 03:11:11 AM ---As said on Discord, these are adorable!!! Would need to be a good sculptor though for those tails...

--- End quote ---

Yeah these guys might be a tad difficult to make - I'm hoping to start practicing digital sculpting so hopefully I'll be able to do so in the future!


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