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Crystal Dreams of Pony Design...!

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I've posted my art here before but it's been so long that my thread closed... so here's a new one! :heart:

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So my aim (aside from animation and design!) has always been to design ponies that could have conceivably been in the G1 line, thus here are the Cloudpuff Ponies!
They are flocked ponies with fluffy puffy hair aside from a 'normal' forelock. like the Perfume Puffs and if you followed my previous thread you might have seen some earlier iterations of them too! :heart:
They are inspired by how gimmicks started to combine later on down the line, like the Princess Brush 'n Grows - I hope you all like them!

Design details under the cut ->

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

As already said on Discord, I love these & hope they get Made!!!

So pretty! I love their colour combos ^.^

Wow! These look like they would be great as toys. And the art looks very nice indeed. Well done!

What a great concept! And your art is lovely, you get that G1 boxart aesthetic.


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