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Author Topic: Weird dreams thread  (Read 8092 times)

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Re: Weird dreams thread
« Reply #60 on: January 08, 2022, 11:54:46 PM »
Last night I had a weird dream where I accidentally broke the boiler in the bathroom by flushing the toilet too many times, for some reason. The boiler started making strange noises, tilting to the side and overheating, I was so scared it would blow up or something. And while in real life the boiler has a simple eight segment display with some backlit icons, in my dream it had a full color LCD display and on the left side it showed an error message that included the contact info for the repair company (which was for some reason based in the UK). I didn't want to get in trouble for excessive flushing so I came up with some story about how toilet paper wouldn't flush so I had to repeat it many times. I think there was also another segment of the dream in which I opened a box of cookies but it turned out they looked nothing like the picture on the packaging, I even wanted to take a picture with my Samsung to upload it to some subreddit about bad designs or something like that.
Will I wake up, some dream I made up
No, I guess it's reality

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Re: Weird dreams thread
« Reply #61 on: January 10, 2022, 05:34:56 PM »
I dreamed I was back in college, and it was the first day of class.  As usual in these types of dreams everything from the minute I stepped in the classroom went wrong.  We were told to pick up our classroom IDs when we walked in.  I picked up the same sticker that other people did when they entered the room and went to a seat where I could see the screen at the front of the room perfectly.  As soon as I  at down someone told me that I wasn't allowed to sit in that seat and needed to find another one.  I finally found another seat and ended up sitting there with another person. There were 2 teachers, one of whom was a former high school classmate of mine. The main teacher came to the front of the room , looked down at my classroom ID and told me I had the wrong one.  I tried to tell her that I picked up the same sticker that the other people had but she said my classroom ID was somewhere else and I had to find it.  I looked through a desk and finally found it stuffed in a cubby hole with a bunch of other things.  The teacher told me I had to sit at the desk where my ID was.     

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Re: Weird dreams thread
« Reply #62 on: Yesterday at 02:29:12 PM »
I had a dream and my cat and my heart cat who passed away were in it :heart: I was trying to feed them fruit on these funky looking plates. My mom put kiwi slices on my heart cat's head :lol:

There was a big lizard too and a stuffed Santa Claus doll that could play the piano.

Then I was on the beach and some kid had this huge water balloon machine and was hitting people on the beach and getting them wet. One hit me in the shoulder. Then things got weird when I was walking along the shoreline where there were big rocks, I found a deer skull with the antlers still attached. Then I found a huge alligator skull. I wanted to keep them but I couldn't carry them both, so I tried to hide the deer skull in the sand.

That was it. I woke up after that.
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