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Author Topic: The Trivial Complaints Thread... number 2!  (Read 43069 times)

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Re: The Trivial Complaints Thread... number 2!
« Reply #870 on: Yesterday at 05:17:38 PM »
So the dentists that are on my insurance card no longer take my insurance... and neither do the 6 other dental clinics I called. I'm done. I give up. I'll ask my case worker to look into it. In the meantime I guess I will keep taking OTC pain relivers and putting ice on my jaw. It is very hard to eat, so maybe I'll lose some weight.

It's SO COLD today. Like, deep in your bones cold. It was actually 34 degrees this morning. In a neighboring county it was 31. It could have literally snowed. I got the heating pad out for my cat and I'm using 2 blankets. If I went outside I'd need gloves but I live in Florida so I do not own gloves, or a proper coat. I've got a couple of sweat shirts and my hoodie and only 5 pairs of pants total. My nose keeps running. I closed my windows because it's windy and the air is cold. Brr!

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My tooth is killing me :( My jaw and ear hurt too. The best I can get as far as a dentist goes is a discount based on my income. Of course, I cannot do that over the phone. I need to bring proof of income into the clinic. The clinic is in the same plaza that my regular doctor is in, they've got like three separate buildings there. I go the 27th so I can just walk to the dental clinic and get an estimate. My mom is pushing for me to get the tooth pulled. I'd rather not do that but I might not have a choice if I can't pay for whatever work they want to do, and I guess my wisdom teeth will never come out either.
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