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Is there a way to access the archived old site?

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I don't know the URL anymore... but I want to go look up some old customs I posted on the old forum before we changed to this one. Specifically I'm wanting to look at posts from 2011...

Is there any way to access this information still?

I think that the archives are still being blocked by something, the staff have been working on it for a bit.  :(

We have a link to the Archives on the left side menu, but it's been acting up on us for a while now (asking for a login)...we have our server team looking into it but I'm not sure how it's coming along.

Aha! I found the archives, but the pop-up won't accept my username and pass, like you said :(

I had the same pop-up block access to the forum rules awhile back...

A slight change, the pop-up now accepts my login and password, but then goes a white screen saying the server is down.

EDIT: Trying again, and it just won't take my login/pass at all again now. Boo.


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