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Canadian Pony Collectors Extravaganza POSTPONED

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UPDATE: August 12th: Event halls still remain closed for the province of Quebec. In fact I can not even book a hall or hotel ballroom for next year, get a price quote or go see them in person. That is all bad news for the event but rest assured we will be doing more online on our facebook page. A new Maple is still in the works but the factory is behind. We are working on some new beautiful metal pins with the Perfectly Pin company. Rest assured we will be back when we can  :)

UPDATE: July 9th. Still no news :( everything is open here except event halls..... if it opens before Nov 1st then the event will happen.

UPDATE: May26th.  We are in a holding pattern, if things open up before November the event will be help if not then it will most likely be postponed again.

UPDATE: April 2nd: News of our event should be coming soon

UPDATE: March 26. No date for our event yet. Our province is just starting to open event halls. I will keep everyone posted to see what we can do.

UPDATE: dec 17th a very tiny amount of maples left. We still have lots of buttons, 3 different kinds of stickers and a magnet available. 2021 is looking to be insane with the amount of crazy amazing prizes we are going to have.

UPDATE Nov 5th. If you need a Maple please let me know as they are almost all gone.

UPDATE Oct 10th. qty 8 grade b maples left

UPDATE Sept 28th. Reduced price Maple 35.00, Grade B maples qty 21

UPDATE Sept 9th. Only 37 Maples left

UPDATE sept 2 2020:  Our new Maple for 2020 and our new pins have arrived and are available for purchase. Maple is 45.00 and the pin is 15.00. Send me a message if interested or contact me on fb.

UPDATE #2 aUG 8TH.  we have 2 raffle prizes up for grabs... a new power rangers pony and a new transformers pony... we went live and showed the completed pony room.... a more complete video is going on youtube very soon.... come and download the blank pony template to design our future Maple mascot,,,, we might just get her made

UPDATE: aug 8th.  Good morning fellow pony collectors. Since we can not publicly have our event this year 2020 we will just have to do it online. Today there will be some fun activities to take part in, prizes to be won and perhaps a pony room tour.   Please head over to the extravaganzas facebook page to take part in them

EDIT:  Sometimes the wheels fall off your plans! The Canadian Pony Collectors Extravaganza will be postponed to 2021. The exact dates will follow soon. However there will be online activities and events to look forward to. Including a new exclusive Maple. Attendees / vendors who have prepaid can get a refund or have there space carried over to 2021. Please stay safe pony friends.
 :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

We are pleased to announce that the 3rd annual Canadian pony collectors extravaganza will take place on August 8th 2020 in Greenfield Park, Quebec.
This is the same location as previous years at the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 94.

We look forward to seeing you there and vendor tables are available for purchase starting now.

check out our facebook page and official website



if you would like a vendor table please send me a message

*Snoopy Dance* :D

it just gets better and better every year  :biggrin:

tables are already selling and some new vendors will be there this year

i am so looking forward to an amazing day full of ponies and fun.

if you need a vendor table please let me know and get them fast before there gone.

in addition there will be some awesome raffle prizes


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