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Shai's Adoptable Shoppe - Pretty Portrait Ponies *CLOSED!* Pick-Ups Ready!

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☆.。.:* Welcome to Shai's Adoptable Shoppe! .。.:*☆

It's been a hot minute since I offered an adoptie, but I drew this today, and thought I'd post it ^^
OCs very welcome! The bases I have are for Earth pony and Unicorn, but since it's just a face portrait, any kind of pony fits :)
I can add something extra, as long as it's small, to your pony if you want (like for instance my OC's nose ring).

visitors can't see pics , please register or login
 visitors can't see pics , please register or login

☆.。.:* Request Form! .。.:*☆
。Unicorn or Earth base?
。Star or heart in eyes?
。Reference Picture:
。Anything extra?

☆.。.:* Rules! .。.:*☆

。One request per person per batch.
。I'll be taking 8 requests per batch, but if you've requested one after the slots are full, you'll automatically get a slot for the next batch.
。Credit me, please!
。Please don't use off-site, unless you have PMed me to get links to go with credit!
。Please do not alter the adoptables.
。Hasbro Ponies are for everyone to adopt, but personas and OCs are only for the person who requested! Please do not use someone's OC.
。Please include the following to confirm you've read through the rules and agree to them: Strawberry macarons.

☆.。.:* Slots! .。.:*☆


☆.。.:* Hasbro Ponies! .。.:*☆
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

☆.。.:* OC Ponies! .。.:*☆
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

These are so beautiful! You're a wonderful artist!

May I request one? The design I've been using for ages is a light minty-green earth pony with greenish blue eyes and light purple hair. She has three black spots under her eyes in a formation like this. Star in the eyes, please. Strawberry macarons!

Mmm strawberry macarons!  :P

Totally saving Gusty for later! Thanks for offering these! :hug:

May I also request one of Aithne, please?

。Unicorn or Earth base? Unicorn
。Star or heart in eyes? Heart please
。Reference Picture:
。Anything extra? No thanks!

Oooh mememe! Strawberry macaroons!

Starglow please?

Earth base
Star in eyes would look best I suppose!

You are amaaaaaazing!!

Oh my goodness, your art is gorgeous!! I would love to request one, if I may <3

☆.。.:* Request Form! .。.:*☆
。Unicorn or Earth base? Earth
。Star or heart in eyes? Heart
。Reference Picture: (her hair has a weird style haha but it's just basically red with white stripes >u<)
。Anything extra? If you could add in her glasses that would be fabulous, but if not, no worries at all!

Strawberry macarons sound really tasty right now, actually. Yum yum!

Thank you for the chance!


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