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Author Topic: Mimic Lost in the UK Post ;-;  (Read 8809 times)

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Re: Mimic Lost in the UK Post ;-;
« Reply #45 on: April 12, 2019, 04:07:32 PM »
@Ringlets, my apologies, I didn't mean to suggest you were saying there wasn't any issues going to arise from B-word. It's just a general frustration I've encountered from a few sellers recently assuming nothing can go wrong. Maybe it's just my B-word fatigue kicking in :)

Ok, back on topic .

@KCherry, thanks, that extra detail maybe clears up what happened.

So this may be of help.

I am wondering if this is the service used.

Registered Mail® Service

This service provides additional protection and security in dispatch and conveyance within the United States. Indemnity limits are much lower for Registered Mail items than for insured mail. Individual country prohibitions and restrictions apply.

Available with
First–Class Mail International®
First–Class Package International Service®

First-Class Mail International $16.00
First-Class Package International Service $16.00

The bolded part is key. It suggests that cover only exists to the US border. That sounds like what USPS told the OP, about it not being their problem once customs in the UK had it.

This postage method is fine, but not for valuable items. I think some of the other options, including Priority, would protect you door to door (though again, Americans please chip in with detail if I am wrong).

Priority etc and insurance can be more expensive which can frighten some bidders or buyers. But bottom line is if they are serious customers, they will pay to protect their item and will factor both that and potential customs charges into the equation as well. Or they should.

One reason we're thinking it's stuck at the depot somewhere is that if an item has a charge, what happens is that the depot takes it hostage and then a card is sent to the address on the package telling them about the charge, which must be paid before the item is released. If the charge isn't paid, the item is rejected and sent back to the sender. This process can take a few weeks or more but it is the most likely outcome.

If the custom form got damaged in transit somehow or there was a query, it might sit longer in customs to be manually assessed, but the most usual situation is the above.

This makes me think Mimic will eventually turn up, probably back in America, in a few months...but we'll see.

In any case, for future reference, maybe this is helpful. And even if it means being a stricter seller on insurance and such, that's definitely better than punishing the whole world outside the US because someone in a postal system somewhere messed up.

Good luck and I hope Mimic returns soon :)

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