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Seeking Baits Thread (Check before you Chuck!)

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I'm open to buying! Not much to trade really.

- Baity G1 Petites!
- White G3s. Like, any and all of them. have enough for now!
- Broken Neck pose G3

I'd prefer unscented ones.

bright rabbit 1:
Open to buying only from the U.K

The baits I'm looking for are:

BBE Baby Gusty X2
BBE Baby HeartThrob
BBE Baby Lofty
Baby Brother Apple Delight X2
Baby Sister Apple Delight X2
Daddy Apple Delight X2
Baby Lucky X2

These are what I am after right now :)

Any Molly dolls
Any rearing bait
Pinwheel/Sparkler/Gusty pose unicorn thank you bright rabbit :)

Updated 23.7.2018

Love pkw xxx

bright rabbit 1:

--- Quote from: pinkkittywinks on March 29, 2018, 11:33:02 PM ---These are what I am after right now :)

Any Molly dolls
Pinwheel/Sparkler/Gusty pose unicorn
Whizzer bait (for a rehair project)

Love pkw xxx

--- End quote ---

I've got Cloud Dreamer who's in the Gusty Pose. Symbols are gone, tail is cut.

I'm looking to buy a baity Big Brother/Daddy pony in the UK please. Preferably with a body colour in the blue/green/purple shades, but I'll take what I can get.

Hope someone can help me out - I got a sudden urge to make a custom today XD


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